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First off, thank you! Thank you to everyone who has already helped in so many ways. You have sent funds that have gone fully to individuals effected by the hurricane. You have given countless hours volunteering. You have given so many other resources.  brisket for 700, thousands of cleaning buckets, and more bottles of water than we could count. Most of all, you have prayed. You have prayed for healing and hope in our community. For all of that, we cannot thank you enough!

There are several ways in which you can partner with the Cinco Church. You can give toward our rebuild, give toward our continued community support, and of course continue in prayer. From day one, helping our community has been our top priority. We felt and still feel strongly that this was where God wanted us to be after the storm. Through the support of so many, we have been able to connect with, love, and serve our community like never before. We feel like we have an immense opportunity moving forward to reach our neighbors on a spiritual level, which is why our rebuild is so important. While we were blessed to have insurance along with some reserve funds, we do expect a shortfall of funds on our overall project. We don't know what that number will be exactly, but we have made a commitment that anything we raise above that amount will go directly back into our community that still has so many who are struggling to bounce back. Through Hurricane Harvey the mission of our church hasn't changed, but our vision of what that really looks like has. Our mission has always been to "Love God - Love Others - Reach the World." Now we have seen what that looks like when put in action, and we are never going back. We pray that you'll partner with us as we pursue offering HEALING to the broken, LOVE to the the unloved, and HOPE to the hopeless.

6655 S. MASON RD. KATY, TX 77450